Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things to Consider - Web Site Design and Development

Here are few of the considerations you need to take note of before you start developing a website:

  • The simpler you create your website, the easier you and your clients will find it to use.
  • Your website should contain clear and simple navigation menus, so that it can be easily understood and browsed even by a child!
  • After the website designer’s work is over, web developers should do the important task of coding which enlivens a website.
  • You need to choose a domain name that suits your company. Choosing a suitable domain name that matches your company name will make your website easily found by internet surfers.
  • You need to consider a good hosting provider for your website. Decide the space you need for you website, not only for the website’s initial development, but also for the future expansion of your website.
  • Your website must have search engine optimization performed so that it is ranked well in most of the search engine searches and can consequently be easily found by public.
  • A website should be designed keeping in consideration the target audience. For example a website selling baby clothes should be colorful and have some interesting theme. On the other hand, websites those have older people as their target customers must keep the design simple and information easily accessible.
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