Friday, June 25, 2010

Designing of iPhone Applications

Design is the first thing a buyer experiences before buying your app. So, you must make it appealing and attractive enough for buyer to move on to the details - reviews, ratings, news etc. Following are some points that you must take care of while designing an iphone apps:

  • Navigation:iPhone users need to be led from one feature to another seamlessly. Therefore, you should provide an easy navigation for your iphone apps.
  • Simple:Keep your user interface simple and intuitive. Take special care to ensure that the interface is intuitive. The design, type and size of font, colors are all to be chosen with care.
  • Creative & Innovative Design: Design needs to be creative and innovative. But the design flow must be consistent. The placement of the buttons, links, logos and the use of colors must be consistent.
  • Visuals:Let visuals not be superfluous. Every design element must be absolutely necessary and have a role to play on the app screen.
  • Text:If you can say it in one word, why use two. Use descriptive titles and text. Don't ramble along as if it were your blog.
To create a useful iPhone or mobile application, you must understand who your target market is. Each market will have unique needs. Newpath WEB is one of the leading iphone apps development company in Australia offers a range of mobile application, iPhone and mobile software development solutions that help companies succeed online.

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