Monday, March 26, 2012

SEO, and Images on your website

Fancy graphics can be attractive. They have an impact, but the benefits of using text far outweigh the advantages of using images. Web searches are based upon content, content, and even more content! The speed of a website is important to visitors. There is less than 20 seconds to capture their attention and convince them to look further. If the Web page takes a long time to load, a potential customer visitor will be lost. Slow web pages can also cause a website to be downgraded by the search engines. So use Images sparingly - they should only be used if they relate and support the web page content. There are several factors to consider when optimizing images on your site including File Names, Image Size & Quality, Compression, Alt Text and Surrounding Text. These things are the pillars of Search Engine Optimisation and so to your website’s success path. Newpath WEB can optimize your website including Images, Meta, Navigation, Header, Footer and others in an appropriate manner to make your website ranks well across different search engines. If you want to avail search engine optimisation services in Australia, please visit the site


  1. Visitors hate the site that takes long time to load. Maybe the reason of this problem is their graphics, images, design and also their animation that using flash. Those things might affect its rank and its traffics.

    Cris | Philippines Web Developer

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