Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Give Your Website a Quick SEO Check-up

If you have a website that hasn’t seen any change in a while then it’s time to give it an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) checkup. There are some simple tasks you can perform that will significantly assist the success of your website in search engines.

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is free, easy to use and incredibly useful. If you are not paying an SEO company to optimize your website and get it ranking in search engines, then this is for you.
  • Check your links: There are many tools available today, free to use, that will tell you if you have any broken links. Be sure to use these, and correct any broken or missing links you may have.
  • Meta information: Examine your Title Meta tag on each page. Is it reflective of the content on each page? Does each title Meta tag contain the relevant keywords for each page? Examine your Description Meta tag. Make sure that each page has a different Meta tag description. Google does not like repeated information.
  • Spread the word: Go to your favorite search engine and search for something based on keywords that you should appear on. Perform two different kinds of searches, global and location specific.
Examine the back links to make sure that you are also listed in the same business directories as the top ranked websites. You can do this quickly using a “back link checker.”

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